Frequently Asked Questions


What is Great Y Comics? 

Great Y Comics is a company set up and owned by Dudley “Elvis Dudley” Rudelhoff. Recognised and registered with HMRC England, Great Y Comics publishes all it's own content, and provides free comic entertainment to the community, in the form of a weekly uploaded comic. 

On top of this, by supporting the site via the various channels, Great Y Comics offers a Novella (short Story) to accompany each and every chapter release of the main comic – as well as Lore and Information packs. These can all be viewed at our pateron page. 

When do you upload/ update?

The site used to be uploaded every Tuesday and Saturday with free-to-view pages, however,  the time has come for us to concentrate on gaining funds for the next stage of our journey, namely starting to train and take on amateur artists like myself and teaching them to create comics from scratch.

To do this we'll be using our Patreon to give readers a chance to catch up on SnakeByte and help us establish ourselves more. The currently uploaded free content on GYC will stay there - and once a second chapter is complete, the first chapter will then be uploaded for free to the website (e.g: only once chapter 12 is complete, then Chapter 11 will be uploaded for free users). This allows readers who pay to get the advantages to get the comic sooner, though the free users will also get to read the comic, but just later on down the road.

We update our Patreon every Wednesday.

SnakeByte Questions 

What is the tier system?

 In SnakeByte, the fighters are ranked by a 5 tier system: with 5 being the lower ranks, and 1 being the best of the best. In each of the tiers fighters are ranked "E" to "A" - with A being highest. So a fighter in tier 4 with a rank of "C" would be a better class of fighter than a tier 5 with a rank of "A". This ranking system is just to provide an idea of how powerful/dangerous a certain warrior is compared to each other. 

How do I properly pronounce these names?

Chances are, you can already, but if you want to be exactly sure - in all Graphic Novels will be a bonus "Pronunciation guide". 

Shallow Yarr Questions 

Is the project ongoing? 

Currently we don't have any plans to continue the project. 

Avaricious Questions 

Is the project ongoing?

I have plans to continue the story for the longest time as it leads into the SnakeByte "modern day" story". 

Does Avaricious take place in the SnakeByte Universe? 

Yes, taking place in SnakeByte's Zenith Earth, though at where and what point is for you to figure out.