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 A couple of mistakes that are unfortunately now forever encased in stone, as they are part of the printed version of Book 1 (both the comic and novel). 

  • The printed Graphic Novel can have the edges of content cut off. This is because I had it all set up for A4 and Graphic Novels are printed in American Letter, so any mistakes are due to the cutoff size. That being said, every page is now set to American letter. 
  • Page 10. I cannot believe that slipped through the cracks. Unforgivable colouring mistake, but fixed for the site and collection. 
  • A Cape with sleeves is a Jacket. I’m aware of this, it’s just I was trying to explain that Kyrsten’s cape isn’t a jacket she could just take off – its attached to the back of her dress.
  • 969? The SnakeByte Story set in the past picks up in the year 967 not 969. Just an typo in Book 1.