Great Y Comics' Works

From guest artist Katherine Gilmartin aka forevertoofar, comes the story of Ryan Yarr, an orphan detective with a big helper! 

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Good morning, evening, and everything in between!

 I’m just going to add this there as a little information on the SnakeByte Universes going forwards, seeing as finally I should be drawing more attention to my work!

For those who don’t know, I aim to release the chapters of the comic (and book) in five chapter collections for physical copies. I was looking the other day at Chapter 6’s art, which was made way back in 2019, and the way it often goes off model while looking inferior to my current style (pic).

The same can undoubtedly be said for chapters 1-5 too, however since Chapter 6 and the follow chapters have not been published into a physical book yet, I’m going to be updating them in the background.

I’ll leave the current version up on the site as is, but as each “new art chapter” that is completed is… you know, completed, the pages will be replaced.

This is going back on my word of not wanting to update the old art – I said something along the lines of I was proud of it then and I am now - and to a degree that is true, but when comparing just how night and day my art style is now, not to mention how better the pages will be laid out (less blank space), I’m confident that these will be welcome changes!

As for the current ongoing chapter, Chapter 11, I’m still going to be working on that; halving my time each week working on the comic side of SnakeByte between recreating the old and creating new pages – which I’ll admit will be slow.

I’m still going to aim for a page a week release on the current chapter. The aim here is so that when chapter 15 is completed, Book 2’s chapters 6-10 will also be completed, meaning I can launch both at once.

As for the books, I am happy with where chapters 6-10 are in their written form, and so these will remain untouched, and I’ll be looking to release these into a published book by the end of the year.

This means I’ll be writing Chapters 11-15 at a pace which will take over the output of drawn comic pages, but I won’t hold these back from being released.

So, if all things go to plan, the timeline is something like this;

Release the Novel version of Book 2 (before end of 2022) > Release the Novel Version of Book 3 (Summer 2023) > Release Comic version of Book 2 (Autumn 2023) > Release Comic version of Book 3 (Winter 2023)