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From guest artist Katherine Gilmartin aka forevertoofar, comes the story of Ryan Yarr, an orphan detective with a big helper! 

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Morning all!

So today I've uploaded on a Tuesday, for no reason other than according top the internet, this is the best day to do so... Wednesday too apparently, but there's no need to wait that long. I'll try it for a few weeks.

Anyway, the new page is up, and I'm hugely happy with the new result of the redesign of Kaysher - much better storyline than before too!

Last week I was working hard on creating more art assets for the upcoming SnakeByte Game that’s being worked on in the background, the progress there being slow mainly due to all the art I need to draw. That being said though, most of the art works well as Print and Poster art for the Patreon page too, so even if nothing comes of the Game, I’ll at least have all this awesome art to show off, so that’s a nice consolation prize. I’ll give more details on the game once I know for sure that I’m going through with it entirely, else it’ll just be another of those projects that I’ve announced and not really followed through on!

Anyway, these will be uploaded to Patreon as we speak, so be sure to check them out!

 Elsewhere in the world of Great Y Comics, I’ve been making gentle progress on our new video series, but again it’s not something I’m ready to fully announce yet. Writing wise we’re steadily approaching the end of Chapter 11, along with all the added goodies I like to throw in with the written chapters.

Finally, preparing for our Anniversary in November, I’ve been working on a “remaster” of SnakeByte Chapter 1, and depending on how well that goes, I may well do the entirety of Book 1 as well. I used to say that I was happy with what I drew, and to be honest I still am to a point, but that was 6 years ago now and the character designs (as well as my own abilities) have progressed enough that there is a stark contrast in places.

We’ll see :D


 Good afternoon everyone!

I’ve updated the site and now am putting this here message, so all of you can keep a tab of exactly what I’ve been up to over the coming weeks. Hey, it’s a lot easier than a Two in Mind video!

Anyway, the first thing we have coming back from an extended break is the reupload of chapter 11 – which was due to a massive rewrite of the “Kaysher” Character & introduction; taking this new character from a shy, quiet one into a loud-mouthed and zanier version, which is much more fun to write for. This is also a consequence due to the later stories in season 5 being rewritten, but I think it came out really quite fantastic this time around. I gave up on colouring the entire comic, as I don’t have the time to colour it properly to the standard of say, the posters and prints, so I’ve gone back to my previous style wherein the comic is grey-scale, with hair/eye/energy colouring. 

 Also, I’ve put Kyrsten, Pikz and Sonya back in their original costumes for the chapter, and explained in the accompanying text about “warmth spells”. 

 As for the Avaricious/Yo Ri Oh series, I’ve finally cracked how to get that off the ground – which touch wood I’ll be properly announcing along with a huge project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. I’m just finishing up art assets for it, including Rio and Sparky, which means I’ll also have a bunch of posters for the Patreon account.