About US

What is Great Y Comics?

Great Y Comics is an independent Comic Book production company, fully recognised by HMRC England as such. 

 I set out to make a company that can take local amateur artists and give them a chance to sample the Comic Book industry, as well as give them a place to showcase their work. At Great Y Comics; we design, write, create, and publish all our own original works – including short stories and written novels – as well as other merchandise such as tee-shirts and posters.

Based in Great Yarmouth on the East Coast of England, all Great Y Comics’ work will be available to view for free online, with no advertisements, with options to purchase hard copies as well as additional material to help fund the company. Take the SnakeByte Comics, the flagship series of GYC; all its pages are available to view on the site but did you know that not only do we provide Hard copies of the Comic via amazon, but also a Written Novel version – which greatly expands on the events and lore of the world, including everything that either happens off-panel or didn’t have the space to appear within the comic – allowing a fuller, complete experience for the readers.

Great Y Comics is named after the city I call home; Great Yarmouth. Not only being a catchy name, but the name is almost asking the question “Great, why?” which the content that the company puts out will show the readers and fans why our comics are indeed great – providing them with an escape as the readers become a part of the comics’ world.

There’s a slogan in there somewhere.

  • Great Y Comics doesn’t shy away from any content no matter how controversial
  • Great Y Comics puts its fans above everything, even gaining money 
  • Great Y Comics doesn’t censor it’s artists 
  • Great Y Comics doesn’t change because people tell it to
  • Great Y Comics is not afraid of competition 
  • Great Y Comics does not cheat to get ahead 
  • Great Y Comics does not think small 
  • Great Y Comics doesn’t let politics outside our control affect us 
  • Great Y Comics does not BULLSHIT our fans, our artists, or ourselves 
  • Great Y Comics will advertise but does not allow adverts from outside companies on mainline projects

The time has come for us to concentrate on gaining funds for the next stage of our journey, namely starting to train and take on amateur artists like myself and teaching them to create comics from scratch – but to do so needs the support of people like you! So not only will you be supporting the Great Y Comics’ current content, but you’ll also being laying the groundwork for our new content – all of which you’ll also get your hands on when it is created! 

So stick around!