Rio is a mercenary, a gun for hire, and Sparky serving as her intelligence operative. With their combined abilities, they take on the missions that no-one else could; all at the heed of the mysterious Mr. Espionage. Since the collapse of the world’s governments almost twenty years ago, several hundred groups arose from the ashes to try and seize power for themselves; simply through strength of arms rather than political governments. All over the globe, entire cities falling into the hands of thugs and villains, the people either forced from their homes or crushed under their iron boots.

That’s where someone like Rio came in.


Full Name: Unknown

Code Name: Rio

Age: 23

Bio: The only daughter of "Mr. Espionage", Rio serves as the field operative in her's and Sparky's partnership. Highly skilled in gymnastics, shooting, and various forms of hand-to-hand combat; educated and trained by the best her father could provide, including himself - Rio has surpassed even her father's skills (though he'd never admit it).Her body-count started when she was only nine years old; and had since rose to the point where she couldn’t even begin to put a number to it anymore. What this did to her as a person was anybody’s guess, but somehow she managed to keep herself from going over the line to totally psychotic - thanks, in no small part, to her partner Sparky.She left her true name behind when she was just a child, now goes under the pseudonym: Rio.


Full Name: Samuel Ryan

Code Name: Sparky

Age: 16

Bio: Extremely anti-social outside of his computers, and born without the use of his legs; Sparky devoted his time to his studies - particularly that of computer science, quickly mastering the complex mannerisms of both the hardware and software sides of the machine. Coming from a family of mechanics who were always keen to teach him; if something ran on electricity, chances were that Sparky could operate it, modify it, or manipulate it.The problems of the outside world were none of his concern, online he was a god, and highly respected by his faceless peers. Back then, he would often test his abilities by taking control of the abandoned satellites that orbited the planet, hacking his way into the old government systems, or simply selling information that he gathered to random buyers across the internet – not that there were exactly a massive number of people to sell anyway.Needless to say, his skills where highly sort after, but he made it a point that no-one would be able to find his actual location (he would find them instead). At least, that was the case up until two years ago. She was able to find him.