SnakeByte Lore: Races of Zenith Earth

Information regarding the races that dwell upon Zenith Earth.


Rather appropriately, starting off with the race that most closely resembles that of what the Grand Enlightened used to be so long ago. Zenith Earth Humans are almost indistinguishable from the creatures they were based on; being able to grow anywhere from five to seven feet tall, have four limbs (two arms, two legs), and can be both male and female. As an average, Humans tend to live about ninety years, and are able to conceive as many children as their environment will allow, which means that they can expand their territories quickly and populate them well. Humanity may not have the longest lifespan but they certainly know how to procreate quickly and work the best out of their environments, mining or farming the landscape – with most of the territories on Zenith Earth having at least some population of Humans. It’s not just their numbers that allow Humanity to prosper, but it is their natural ability to adapt to their surroundings that allow them to survive so well.


The Eldar, or Elves as some of the others races more commonly refer to them as, are similar to humans but at the same time, very different. While they have the two arms, two legs structure of most humanoids, they grow no taller than six feet, and they have the ability to live for an average of two thousand years – the longest of the “lesser races” of Zenith Earth. Because of their long life, the Enlightened have balanced the Eldar by making the males only able to conceive children for a brief period every five hundred years. This installed hindrance was intended to stop the Eldar from simply just outbreeding every other race, but the problem is that the Enlightened had no idea how quickly the war would break out, and just how many Eldar lives would be consumed – leaving the Race on the verge of extinction on more than one occasion. The Eldar’s large ears grant the natural ability to hear faint sounds extremely clearly, and over large distances, but also help them keep their balance – if one should cut off an Eldar’s ear, they will struggle to even stand for hours until they get used to the new sensation. This is because the Eldar have a mystically minimal natural weight, and are able to keep their centre of gravity almost perfectly balanced no matter what situation they find themselves in, which allow the Eldar to walk across snow without sinking into it, walk tightropes as thin as five-millimetres and neither snap the line nor fall off, as well as allowing them to jump higher and preform acts of extreme athleticism and acrobatics. This does make them able to literally run circles around the other races – which have given the Eldar an insufferable sense of self-entitlement and “better-than-thou” attitude that seems to be bred into every single one.


The Mountanise, Dwarves, or Mountain Folk, depending on what one’s preference is, get their names from being a race that dwells deep within the mountains of Zenith Earth, never truly at home unless surrounded by thick rock and stone. To aid in their efforts, the Mountanise only grow to a maximum of five-feet tall, which means most of their tunnels and underground hallways are also this height; making it difficult for other races to walk in the footsteps of the Mountanise. Like Humans, they populate very well, with a single male being able to father as many children as he can sire, though unlike most of the other races – the Mountanise mate for life, and will not start another family even if their partner dies – the natural lifespan for the Mountanise being an average of three-hundred years.


Originally native of Thoronore of Eastern Zenith Earth, the Orcansheen are seen are seen as larger, tougher versions of the Eldar. While not nearly as graceful and certainly do not live as long, the Orcansheen share the same large ears, though they can grow far taller and more muscular than any Eldar every seen – with the males able to grow to eight feet tall while the females tend to maximise at six-and-a-half feet. Their skin colours are also visibly different from the fairer Eldar, ranging from pale yellows to dull greens, and everything in between. They can live for five hundred years, though they are often killed in battle before they can even reach a quarter of this. It should be noted that they have no connection with the Goblin-men monsters of Zenith Earth.

Dragon Lords

Once upon a time, the Dragon race was a common sight on Zenith Earth. They had little interest in warfare, or military might, flying gracefully across the sky or swimming deep within the seas and lakes of Zenith Earth – happily surviving without a care in the world. Eventually, they noticed that the other races were each battling to control as much land and wealth as possible, and knowing that they were far stronger than any “ground-walker” due to their natural abilities with Soul Energy – and simply allowed one of the forces to do all the hard work, then roll in and snatch the prize for themselves. Of course, this made them very disliked and even hunted by the other races, but chances were that the Dragon would kill far more before it was killed. Needless to say, fighting a Dragon and winning was a rare feat indeed.


Another of the powerful Soul Energy races, the Paramour boast a variety of complex Soul Energy users, with the ability to cast powerful spells that have caused jealously from all the other races for the longest time. However, they are more recognised by their common name; the males being called “Incubi” and the females “Succubus” – also known as “Soul Energy Vampires”. The males have fangs, long whip-like tails, and hooved feet, measuring between six and seven feet tall – the females also have fangs, hooves, and long tails, but also large wings (much like that of a bird) protruding from their shoulder blades, while growing anywhere from five to ten feet tall. They naturally live for exactly sixty years, and can only reproduce in the final three years of their lives, but reach maturity at a staggering rate with children being fully grown into adults by the end of their first year of life. After a child is born, the parent Paramour will quickly die, having transferring their powers to their children during the conception. This allows the Paramour to maximise their very limited existence on the planet, as they grow increasingly more powerful.


Another more bestial looking race, the Naginis – also known as Nagas or Lamias – are the first of two purely female races that reside on Zenith Earth. They take the form of a half-woman half-snake, with the top half being more humanoid (including arms) whilst their lower bodies from the waist down are almost entirely a long, muscular tail like a snake. Due to them all being female, they must secure males from other races to continue their lineage, with the offspring always resulting in a pure-blooded Naginis child, as the Naga gene simply overrides any other. They can age up to two-hundred years, and in that time can grow anywhere between twenty to fifty feet (head to tail). As a young woman, the Naginis’ top halves will look more human; with soft features, natural skin, hair, and human-like eyes – but as they age they will grow more reptilian in nature, their skin becoming covered in smooth armour-like scales, developing sharp claws in place of fingernails, and may even grow a frill or hood instead of their hair. About one-in-five of these Naginis will mutate to keep their humanoid-womanly looks as they age, but will grow living snakes for hair, as well as four powerful arms – known as the Gorgon Nagini.


Eachy are a rarely seen race, despite the fact they have very large numbers, as they live under the seas and lakes of the planet. Of course, they can breathe underwater via a set of gills, but also a set of special lungs allow them to also breathe on land for long periods of time, which ranges depending on the age of the Eachy in question (the older, the longer). They are very humanoid in appearance, with two arms and two legs, webbing between their fingers and toes allow them to propel themselves through the water. There are three kinds of Eachy, each with their own visual characteristics; the Shoal Eachy live in the M’Laen sea and sport a powerful, shark-like tail allow them to reach high speed even against the currents, skin very much like a shark’s, with streamlined “teeth” that allow them to glide through the water, and a mouth full of sharp fangs – though these are similar in size to normal human teeth. The Eachy living in the areas around Sothward, Dudl’Laen, and Eas’Lan are more like mermaids, with a very humanoid torso and arms, but no legs and a large fish-like tail that allows them to speed through the sea and even jump extremely high out of the water (being the fastest in the water, but at the same time the slowest on land), and so are named Marlin Eachy. Finally, the Eachy that live at the northernmost-part of the world, around Algen and the Ni’Coast, who have humanoid forms, arms and legs, but also have eight long octopus-like tentacles that allow them to grip and squeeze their foes and prey – at the cost of some speed – which are called the Octori Eachy. Of course, there is nothing stopping these different versions of the Eachy from being seen all over the world, but it is more likely to find each in their natural place of birth. All of them live for an average of ninety years naturally, they can grow anywhere between five and eight feet tall.


The most likely of all the races to be universally hated just as much as the Demons, are the Ogrash. Also known as Ogres, they are similar in size and shape to the Trovsken leading to many confusing the two, though Ogrash have less limbs. They are very large creatures, who live outdoors and in groups, though the Ogrash are extremely violent, sadistic group, sporting a fierce face complete with large tusks and fangs, and thick hair that grows like a mane would on a lion. Each having darkened eyes that allow them to see expertly in the dark, but much less so during the day, and growing between ten and sixteen feet tall – depending on the mother’s race – they still look very human-like at a glance, with two arms and two legs, though they tend to have very large heads with elongated skulls. Ogrash live for only thirty years each, meaning that they are constantly on the hunt for both food and females to reproduce with. Much like the Harpy and Naginis races, the Ogrash are a one-sex only race, this time all being males, and again the resulting in an Ogrash child. However, the Ogrash gene is not a dominant one, meaning that if they breed with Harpies or Naginis, the offspring will be one of the female races, not Ogrash.


The lumbering, peaceful guardians of nature, are the Trovsken, also known as Trolls by the common man. These hulking creatures barely resemble the other races, looking more like some kind of colossal shaved beast, with their huge noses and large ears. At a glance, their most defining feature is their multitude of limbs, four arms and two legs, aside from the fact of how large they are, but it is next to impossible for the average person to distinguish males from females. Most people are terrified of the Trolls due to them growing to twenty-feet tall (a record being twenty-six foot tall), each can weigh ten-to-thirty tonnes, and can live for up to seven-hundred years at a time, but they are generally a peaceful bunch who aren’t bothered with the politics of Zenith earth until it reaches their doorstep.


The Harpy race is exceedingly similar to that of the Naginis; with the head, torso, waist, and everything down to the knees resembling that of a humanoid woman, but the rest of them are more bird-like. Instead of arms, the Harpy has large feathery wings like that of a bird, which combined with a relatively small body weight allow them to instantly take off into the air at will, allowing them flight over large distances. Their lower legs are also covered in feathery downs, ending with a bird foot with deadly claws known as talons – which can grow anywhere from eleven inches to twenty inches, and can rip apart enemies and prey easily. They share a bitter, hated rivalry with their neighbours the Naginis race, as both are all-female races and cannot continue without the essence of a male from the other races – hence leading to fighting between the two as they attempt to keep their race going. Harpy genes are very strong, making sure that all the off-spring turn out as Harpy “chicks”, though they can keep certain attributes and perks inherited from their father – such as strength, durability, height, and hair colours – though the average Harpy height is nine-feet tall – and each are able to live for one-hundred-and-fifty years.


Unlike normal wolves or wild-dogs, Gytrash can grow to seven feet tall from head to the floor, and twelve feet long head to tail, making them the size of bears. They have thick fur for protection and warmth that is surprisingly easy to keep clean, pointed fangs and sharp claws for defence (and offence), looking much like most canines but at the same time they have an otherworldly appearance to them, their fur thick but light, glowing red eyes making them look ghostly and ethereal at a glance – which lends to people’s accounts of them being like spectres as the Gytrash seemingly fade away into the night. As stated, they prefer the lonely wilds to being tethered to a pack or home, and so are very skilled at being stealthy when they want to be, but every so often they will gather in a large den to tell tales and exchange information.


Those who have seen a Chicharoi in real life often mistaken them for hallucinations or dreams, as they are about as far away from the Enlightened’s original design as possible. These tiny creatures stand between one and two feet tall, covered completely in fur, with large black eyes and a muzzle, looking like something between a fox, a badger, and a squirrel. Instead of claws, they have hands that are more like mittens, with a single thumb and what would be their fingers clumped up into a single furry digit - which can grab things surprisingly. Each of them have two arms and two legs, however these are very tiny, each being a third of the size of their torsos, making them adorably plump. This also means that they cannot run anything beyond a waddle, and so they get around by tucking up into a ball and rolling about. When not being “aww”-ed at, the Chicharoi can live for a staggering twelve-hundred-years.

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