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Great Y Comics' Youtube show! Have a butchers!

The flagship comic of Great Y Comics. Enjoy Marcus of the Vipersnake Clan's quest to protect his people from the rising threat of the Demons.

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Contains: Fantasy Violence, Mature Character Design, Swearing.

Written and created by Elvis Dudley.

An ongoing short story series following the mercenary team of Rio and Sparky, as they take on increasingly difficult missions and putting their lives on the line in exchange for sweet, sweet money.

Contains: Swearing, Violence, Blood, Mature Themes.

Have A Butchers

Created by Dudley Rudelhoff; Art by Elvis Dudley

A short comic by guest artist forevertoofar. The adventures of boy detective Rhyan Yarr, and his imaginary friend Shallow. Join him as he attempts to help his new guardian uncover the plot behind the death of his parents...

Contains: Blood, Violence.

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Art by forevertoofar;       @forevertoofar