SnakeByte Lore: Timeline of Events

The SnakeByte timeline for all the major events leading up to, and during the Comic. May contain spoilers for current comic events.

First Millennium under Overseer Julina

Year  -  Major Event

0    -    Julina  of the Enlightened is chosen as "Overseer of the Western Universe". 

9    -    The Paramour race is first encountered by the Eldar race. 

24   -    Battle of Thrallenfall. Mountanise engage the Eldar in Battle for the first time, but are unprepared for facing the Eldar on their home-turf. Mountanise forces are utterly defeated after the Paramour lend aid to the Eldar. Victory for the Eldar/Paramour force. Remaining Mountanise forces flee back into Algen.

47   -    Battle of Sah’Lahiere. Naginis are spotted by Eldar troops moving southward, leading a battle between Naginis and their natural enemies the Harpy race. Eldar and Paramour forces wait for the others to weaken, then make a devastating blow to end the battle. Victory for the Eldar/Paramour forces. Harpies flee, while Naginis retreat back to Sah’Lahiere.

61   -     A large Mountanise settling force finds the M'Laen region ripe for the taking and promptly move in.

74   -    Trovsken are forced to find new homes in the east after Eldar forces take Forore

76   -    Battle of the Razor Hills. The strange race, Chicharoi, are found to have a large settlement in Maustard, by the mighty Orcansheen warriors, who crossed the sea from Thoronore. Somehow, the Orcs are driven off by these tiny creatures. Victory for the Chicaroi.

118  -    Matthew The Crow, first king of Humanity, is born (May 7th). 

120  -    Orcansheen tribes are discovered in the Maustard region by Mountanise explores and fighting breaks out among the two races.

125  -    The War of the Races officially begins as 60% of the races inhabiting Zenith Earth start to battle each other for land. The Eldar seem to be the dominant force.

130  -    Ivo the Fierce One, gains victory for the Orcansheen tribes over the Mountanise, claiming Mustard as their own.

142  -    Matthew the Crow leads an expedition northward from Yarmount to the Mainland.

        -    Battle on Sothward Channel. Matthew the Crow’s forces face off against the Eachy in one of the first ever record battles at sea. Victory for the Humans. Eachy forces retreat, but the Human fleet is left shipwrecked. 

        -    The Human settlement "Madeford " is founded by Matthew the Crow in the Sothward region. 

        -     Local Eldar forces start to interact with the Humans, though hostility quickly surfaces. The Humans are forced into providing the Eldar army with arms and supplies in return for peace. 

        -     A raid on Madeford by the Eldar leaves Matthew's family dead. 

        -     Battle of Madeford Forrest. Swearing bloody revenge, Matthew burns down the dense forest for hundreds of miles around Madeford, destroying a major Eldar city and wiping out almost all of the Eldar forces in the south in the process. Victory for the Humans. Eldar forces are wiped out in Sothward. 

143  -    Paramour sightings in confirmed in the Naginis' territories. The latter is not a gracious host and drives the Paramour Force out of the Mount Alengast area. 

        -    Crow's Landing is built.

145  -    Eldar forces, having finally recovered enough forces, attempt to attack Madeford, only to find the Matthew has built a huge castle "Crow's Landing" where the forest used to be. 

         -    1st battle of Crow's Landing. Matthew the Crow's forces hold off against a large Eldar force from the North, as well as a horde of "Red Hat" Goblins attacking from the Southern Cliffs (spurred into action by the Eldar). The Humans hold out, and manage to drive off both threats at the same time. Victory for the Humans. Eldar forces fall back to Q’Restwood.

         -     Battle of the Northward Spiral. Humanity, under the command of Matthew the Crow, face off against the Mountanise, and the Eldar, in a vicious three way fight. The appearance of the Orcansheen forces later in the fight, drive off the Mountanise, before the Eldar are thwarted by the first Human-Orcansheen Alliance. Victory for the Human/Orcansheen. Eldar forces are forced northward into Dud’Laen while most of the Mountanise are taken prisoner. 

146  -    1st Battle of Fort Inan. Humanity faces off a large Eldar invasion force. Matthew manages to lead reinforcements into the battle, but until then the Humans barely hold on under the command of Justin The Death-Bringer. Victory for the Humans. Eldar forces fall back to Q'Restwood.

        -    Matthew the Crow is made leader of the Humans on the Mainland, his authority symbolised by a crown, making him the first king of humanity.

147  -    1st Battle of Naril. Matthew the Crow’s forces attack the Mountain en mass, however the stubborn Dwarvern defenders secure a victory. Victory for the Mountanise. Humans retreat back toward Haze.

148  -    Eldar forces meet with Matthew the Crow, with the idea of securing an alliance against the Mountanise. 

        -    Matthew the Crow is assassinated by the Eldar (aged: 30). 

        -    Humanity's next king is crowned, Justin the Death-Bringer, Matthew's second in command. 

150  -    Naginis’ Queen Sah'Lafitla meets with the Harpy QueenMoreeiore in an attempt to settle peace between the two factions. Negotiations work out and an unsteady peace is reached. 

        -     Less than a month afterward a Harpy patrol unit kills Sah'Lafitla whilst out on a hunt. 

159  -    Orcansheen Tribesmen manage to move northward to Ther'Laen, where they begin to settle, much to the annoyance of their new Neighbours. 

183  -    Norost City is founded.

184  -    King Justin faces Muthorn Proudhand of the Mountanise, and is defeated. Justin is taken prisoner. Justin is given access to Soul Energy by a mysterious figure, transforming Justin into the spectre Death-Bringer

185  -    Now wielding a supernatural power, Death-Bringer reclaims his throne and begins a bloody conflict against the other races of Zenith Earth.

190  -    Mountanise forces move to attack Death-Bringer, however as they leave Algen, the Naginis quickly jump on the chance to expand their own lands and move into the eastern Algen region. Mountanise forces are quickly forced out of the region.

205  -    Paramour king, Vasilis Mosune, is born.

211  -    Trovsken and Ogrash fight over the rights to the lands of Dud'Laen. Mountanise, trying to get on the good side of the Trovsken, lend a hand, in return for the Trovsken to help them re-take over Algen.

215  -    Tired of the one-step-forward-two-steps-back war between the Trovsken and Ogrash, the Mountanise withdraw back to M'Laen.

230  -    Orcansheen tribal leader Yarn The Wise One settles in southern M’laen, with limited disruption from the local Mountanise.

256  -    Vasilis Mosune declares war against the water people, the Eachy.

        -    Battle of Q’Restwood Glade. Vasilis Mosune’s forces ally with the Eldar to attack the Eachy warlord, Geo Jiou who is raiding around the Algen/N’Forore coastline. The fighting takes another turn as Trovsken forces appear on the field to aid Jiou. Victory for the Eachy/Trovsken forces. Paramour forces retreat south with Eldar forces.

261  -    Vasilis Mosune joins with Eldar general Talia Haradere to engage the human king Death-Bringer in battle. The combined forces outnumber Death-Bringer 20-1, but Death-Bringer’s powers are too much for them, and all that oppose the spectre king are wiped out.

265  -     Worried over the growing powers of the other races, the Naginis reach out to the Mountanise of all people. In return for the precious jewels the Naginis used as currency, as well Malst and the Malst Hills, the Mountanise help arm their forces, as well as teach their smiths how to forge Bronze plate armour.

270  -     Overseer Julina decides to interfere with Death-Bringer’s antics, helping resistance leader Augustus Brewlor  to defeat Death-Bringer. With the cursed king defeated, Augustus takes the throne of Humanity.

        -     Unable to die, Death-Bringer is imprisoned in an enchanted tomb at the most Northern part of the world, named Past-Foot Hill

        -     Augustus Brewlor commissions the creation of four warrior clans to protect humanity if ever a king or queen starts to become corrupted again. These clans are called; Tari, Cross-Boar, Wren-Raven, and Vipersnake

281  -    Battle of Hannad. Naginis forces from Mastiff  move to surround the city of Hannad, which reportedly homes several hundred Harpies. The reports were off however and an army of several thousand angry Harpies tear the Naginis force to pieces. Victory for the Harpies. Naga forces are wiped out.

300  -    Paramour forces make a permanent home in Algen, making the native Eldar and Naginis nervous.

307  -    Word reaches the Chicharoi Elders of the warrior Death-Bringer’s exploits from the first-hand accounts of the Gytrash, so they begin to teach their race the art of Soul Energy. 

332  -    War of the Mountains. Mountanise forces move on the Orcansheen in Maustard, attempting to eradicate them from the Mountain ranges on the borders of Maustard. 

338  -    Paragram Hiles, leader of the Mountanise campaign, is killed by the first Orcansheen King Big Fig

340  -    The Mountanise are slowly pushed back by the united Orcansheen tribes, and the campaign never picks up again as the Orcansheen begin to move slowly toward the Mountains. 

341  -    Explorers begin to name the various regions. 

357  -    Paramour out-breed the native Eldar in Algen, building more and more settlements on Eldar land.

        -    Queen Mairelle Thrill of the Paramour in Algen, leads her forces to invade Eas’lan, crossing over the lands of their ally, the Eldar.

360  -    Eldar forces decide to invade the Paramour held land in Algen while it is weakened, shocking their “neighbours” the Paramour. Queen Thrill attempts to reclaim the land but is stopped on the borders of N'Forore and killed.

366  -    Eldar destroy the final settlement of the Paramour out of Algen, leaving the remaining forces to scatter across the sea to the Algen Isles and into Mastiff.

379  -    Revent, the human stronghold on the border of M’laen, is besieged by Big Fig’s horde of combined Orcansheen tribes, but the Tari clan manage to hold the defences.

380  -    Orcansheen forces enter the underground city of Naril via the East Entrance, the first in history to attack the Mountain Folk on their home ground.

385  -    After desperate years fighting, Mountanise forces manage to drive the Orcansheen out of the Mountain. 

392  -    Big Fig, finally dies in battle. 

396  -    Without their leader, Orcansheen forces are finally pushed out of M'Laen.

415  -   A new queen is crowned to unite the Orcansheen troops at Thoronore.

        -   Knowing of the Paramour’s defeat, the Orcansheen forces attempt to expand into Mastiff and Algen, but are delayed by the Ogrash.

       -    Queen Sah’Stillwater of the Naginis, also trying to expand, declare war on the Orcansheen warriors. 

       -    Eldar forces from Hannad and manage to capture Queen Stillwater, forcing the Naga to ally with them to destroy the Orcansheen.

416  -   Battle of Mount Alengast. Humans under Feditz Brewlor, and the Harpies forces from Ther'Laen attempt to ally themselves with the Orcansheen, but due to a misunderstanding, they all end up fighting each other near Mount Alengast. Eldar/Naginis troopers wait on the slopes of the mountain for an opportunity to attack, leading to an attack that routes both the Human and Harpy forces, and destroys all of the Orcansheen army, including their queen. Victory for Eldar/Naginis forces.  The remains of the Humans flee back to Eas’Lan, while the Harpy forces fly back to Denlore to lick their wounds.

418  -    Mountanise forces from Malst manage to free the Queen Sah’Stillwater. The Naga quickly turn on the Eldar, forcing them back to their forest homes at N’Forore.

420  -    Orcansheen forces are finally pushed out of their homeland in Thoronore, forced back across the sea to Maustard.

440  -    2nd Battle of Hannad. Humans from Eas’Lan, Harpies from Denlore, Naginis hold up Hannad, and the largest Eldar force – lead by Thea and Gilma Fore – engage in a brutal siege of Hannad. The Naga are forced to hold off attackers from three sides, but are quickly overrun. Then, there is an all-out battle in the streets of Hannad, as all four races try to secure the city for themselves. Victory for the Eldar army. All other forces that survive the battle flee back to their regions.

441  -    King Maustard of the Paramour leads a small uprising in Nesat, in Southern M’Laen. The local Mountanise enforcement try to quell this, but are stopped by Orcansheen Warriors employed by the Paramour King.

447  -    Harpy Forces begin to attack Human settlements, including Norost. Warriors sent out to quell them are often never seen again. 

450  -    Gilma Fore is assassinated by the Mountanise from Malst, who employed Eachy Assassins to do the deed.

453  -    Thea Fore is caught up in a battle with the Naginis – whose powerful warriors are too much for her to handle, and is killed in battle.

467  -    The Mountanise sack Nesat to the ground, building Argoft on the remains.

470  -    Mountanise Forces begin the extermination of all Paramour in their territories. Faced against the heavy armour of the Mountanise, The Orcansheen protectors are outmatched, and forced to flee back to Maustard.

479  -    A Mountanise tracking force is set upon by the tiny warriors of the Chicharoi, riding Gytrash. While no casualties are sustained, the sight frightens the Mountanise enough to stay away from the Razor hills.

480  -    Without a real home, the Paramour scatter to the winds.

505  -    A Human force attempting to find the Harpy Nest come across the Naginis Race in peaceful circumstances for the first time. An uneasy truce is made as the Naginis Queen Sah'Iftla agrees to meet with Human King and Queen Mallus and Margret Brewlor. Trade is set up, the precious Jewels of the Naginis also allow for the Humans to trade with their neighbours in M’Laen, giving Humanity access to the Mountanise masterwork weapons and armour.

532  -    An Orcansheen attack force, skirting around the M’laen region in an attempt to flank their enemy, come into contact with Humans at Hiledge, which just so happened to be the home of the “Cross Boar” warrior clan. Impressed by their skill at fighting, Orc leader Palehand Willow meets with recently crowned Hisome Brewlor to discuss a friendship between the two races.

539  -    Paramour Theo Yarn, settles an area in the Ni’Coast, which is called Paramour City, a place far enough away from the other races to allow his race a place to rally and rebuild.

546  -    Paramour City begins to expand.

567  -    Human and Orcansheen trade is setup via the mighty Human Navy, which dwarfs anyone else’s in size.

577  -    Eldar forces in N’Forore and Algen, aim to take out the Naginis Capital Sah.

600  -    Human explorers discover Paramour City, and begin to start trading with the Paramour, despite the dangerous trek to get to them.

605  -    Desmond of Souls of the Enlightened starts to appear on Zenith earth, his job to quell the fighting. The races see him as a wizard – a servant of the Goddess, and everything cools down for a while.

634  -    Mountanise within M’Laen start to mine huge sums of gold and gems from the mountains. Other races quickly take notice of this and before long most of them are trying to gain a foothold in M’Laen. It isn’t long before everything gets violent again.

678  -    Kendrala of the Enlightened, overseer of Zenith Earth and working directly under Julina, outraged that the races have begun fighting again, sends a wealth of monsters to attack all of the races. These include Goblins, Skeletons, oversized serpents and vermin, and other frightful beasts. These creatures are only interested in killing, with Kendrala’s intent to reduce the numbers of each race to a point where they cannot create large war-bands.

683  -    The Nuadha race on Barzen are almost wiped out – save for a tiny group of 10 survivors.

689  -    The Dragon Lords are attacked by Kendrala’s monsters. In response the Dragon Lords attempt to attack the Enlightened's supposed home-base of Soul Island. It fails.

        -     Kendrala of the Enlightened uses her Soul Energy powers to curse the entire Dragon Lord race, forcing them to assume a more humanoid form as the race reproduces, until they are a shred of what they used to be.

700  -    Desmond of Souls returns to Zenith Earth to aid the races in their respective defences of their realms. Outnumbered, Desmond begins to teach a small number of select people from all the races about Soul Energy and it’s usage. These pupils of the wizard – known as Mages – spend the next fifty years helping their people beat back the terrors of the darkness.

710  -    The Mountanise barricade themselves in M’Laen’s underground cities – even abandoning Malst in favour of returning to the Mountain Region (M’Laen).

721  -    The North regions; Falcon’s Reach, Ni’Coast, and Dud’Laen, quickly fall to the monsters – and save for Paramour city – the only race that can live up in the “Lost Northlands” was the Dragon Lords.

755  -    The Vipersnake Clan helps the Wren-Raven clan defend Fort Inan.

770  -    The Eldar are forced to abandon N’Foalgen and with it, lose their foothold in Algen. With no way to get troops northward, Eldar bases in Algen are overrun with monsters.

800  -    Hearing the news from Desmond of Souls, Julina returns to Zenith Earth and angrily berates Kendrala, deciding Kendrala's punishment is to remove her from Zenith Earth and place her on a far off and almost desolate world.

        -     The Enlightened descend on the world, moving the monsters to the island nation of Barzen to confine them there. After years of fighting known as the “Dark age of Zenith Earth” – the races settle down to get their numbers back up, with the various Enlightened helping the recovery efforts. 

882  -    Despite the 8 Enlightened (appearing as witches and wizards) on Zenith earth, war breaks out in Sothward, as the Eldar from Q’Restwood have moved into Northern Sothward (abandoned by the lack of human numbers during the dark age), refuse to give back human lands. 

883  -    The Wren-Raven clan re-take fort Inan.

886  -    The Paramour, keen to restart trade with the humans, start to attack the Eldar in Q’Restwood from the north, while the Humans attack from Sothward, forcing the Eldar to fight on two fronts.

890  -    Naginis and Hapies fight over the Algen and Mastiff regions, while the Orcansheen secretly move back into Thoronore.

900  -    Trovsken herds return to Mastiff.

909   -   Eachy warlord Gren Till Uhio Regnis Sothword-Jilthorn is born.

910   -   With the return of the Trovsken, Ogrash numbers plummet – due to the Trovsken being larger and more powerful, so the Ogrash gave them a wide berth rather than try and fight. 

929   -   Gren Regnis leads a rebellion against the tyrannical King of the Eachy – leading to the Hundred Year Eachy War, completely unknown from the land dwellers.

938   -   Orgrash sightings at Ni’Coast increase.

945   -   The leader of Paramour City, Queen Morganelle Siz, sets a reward for all Orgrash slayed – leading to heroes from all over the planet coming to earn sizable sums of money.

979   -    Gren Regnis dies, but has managed to supplant the king and gain the crown for his family. 

Second Millennium under Overseer Julina

3      -    Eas’lan War. Humans in Eas’Lan are driven back to Nal as a large Naginis Force attempts to claim the Eas’lan for themselves, who are able to cross the Nal-Desert with no problem. 

4      -    Nigel, Salem, and Corina Brewlor are sent by their mother, Queen Marcy Brewlor to aid the people of Eas’lan. Fighting in the desert terrain is hard, and the battle rage throughout the year as no real progress seems to be made.

        -    Salem Brewlor decides to ask for aid from the Naginis’ foe, the Harpy Queen Cilla Swiftclaw, and she agrees to ally with the humans in return for marriage to him. The Human/Harpy alliance swiftly pushes the Naginis troops all the way back to N’Forore / Algen borders, where they were set upon by the neighbouring Eldar force.

        -    Pushing the advantage, Salem Brewlor and his wife Cilla Swiftclaw-Brewlor attack the Eldar Forces in their home territory at N'Fiend, the two warriors able to capture it and route the surrounding army within a few weeks.

        -    Salem and Cilla’s success is brought to an end when they face Malice Hardere, of the Eldar high command. Lured into Thrallenfall in an attempt to capture the Eldar high command, Malice trapped the two within the castle and soundly defeated the pair of them. After putting the Harpy Queen to death, Malice enslaved Salem. 

8      -   Nigel and Corina Brewlor returned to N’Forore in attempt to free their brother, but Salem is killed on the battlefield before them by Malice Haradere. Malice, accompanied by a large Naginis force, overwhelm the Brewlor-Harpy army, with Nigel going as a prize to the Naginis, and Malice taking Corina back to the Eldar.

        -   Queen Marcy Brewlor attempts to pay ransom for her children but no reply is ever reached.

9      -   Prince Yorlon Brewlor, father to the three and Husband of Macy Brewlor, a veteran of the Paramour trade trail battles, is joined by Orcansheen Warlord Gar Hammerface, and Incubi General Fredrico Mersung to find his children. Slowly but surely, Yarlon catches up to Malice Haradere, and soon his daughter is free. Nigel’s fate however seemed to be sealed as no more was ever heard of him.

        -   With the Naginis in the North turning on them, Humans from Sothward starting to mobilise, and her defeat to Yorlon and his fellows, Eldar general Malice Haradere brokers peace between the Humans and Eldar.

        -   With the defeat (and banishment) of Haradere, The Eldar Council of Nine is formed, to govern over the entire race.

16    -   The Eldar gain supremacy over the Trovsken race, forcing the creatures into servitude.


23    -   Mountanise civil war breaks out in M'laen.

32    -  Battle for Yarmount. The single largest Eachy army ever assembled rises out of the sea to try and take the island nation of Yarmount. The local inhabitants are terrified, as humans struggle to hold against the Eachy War Leaders.

33    -  Yorlon Brewlor, Gar Hammerface, Fredrico Mersung, and (once enemy, now wife of Gar) Malice Haradere come out of retirement for one last campaign – tasked by Queen Corina Brewlor to re-take the captured Eastern coast of Yarmount.

        -  Battle of Moranford. During a final confrontation with the Eachy War Leaders, Yorlon’s army wins the day, but the group as a whole perishes.

49    -  Battle of Paramour City. Mountanise King Thren Houseclan discovers Paramour city, and lays siege to it.

        -   Human forces led by Princess Natasha Brewlor  (Also known as Natasha the Picturesque) quickly arrives to help break the siege and free their allies. Caught between the humans and Paramour Queen Yasmine Rew’s Pararmour – Thren flees the battlefield, leaving his army in disarray. During the victory celebrations, Queen Rew proposes marriage to Natasha Brewlor – who awkwardly accepts at the advice of her council, to utterly secure the alliance between the races.

        -   Deciding to push their advantage, the Human-Paramour alliance heads toward Northern M’Laen – to Morningoft.

        -   With the war against the Eldar heating up, the Naginis re-open the trade routes with the Humans.

52    -   Eldar forces clash with the Naginis, but the added strength of the enslaved Trovsken turn the tables on the snake-women.

54    -  Natasha Brewlor is crowned queen.

58    -   Trade with the Naginis and Humans breaks down after the Harpies begin to relentlessly attack the trade caravans. Naginis Forces are slightly miffed with the Harpies, and learn that the Harpies have offered the Humans better trade deals in exchange for not attacking anymore. The Humans tell the Naginis that if they cannot protect the supply lines, they would have to take the Harpy Queen’s deal.

60     -   Thren Houseclan unites the clans under the mountain, with the promise of wiping out the humans and taking their rich farming lands. His men pour out from Naril, while in the south a sudden appearance from the Eachy forced a three-way battle between the Humans (led by Natasha Brewlor and the Tari clan), the Eachy and the Mountanise – all of which couldn’t stand the others. Natasha's forces are pushed back to River's Crosssing.

         -   Natasha’s men are saved by the Harpy Queen Tria the Light of all people, whose large flock of Harpies rain down death on the Eachy and Mountanise – who both break and fall back. Queen Tria is quite smitten with Natasha, and again offers the trade deal.

         -   Trade between the Naginis and the Humans finally breaks down, allowing the Harpies to reap the rich rewards the Humans could provide. Naginis attacks on the Harpies suddenly increase sharply.

62     -   Kell Ironhelm of the Mountanise appears before Natasha Brewlor and Yasmine Brewlor-Rew, asking for their aid to take the kingdom of M’Laen – offering trade deals and an alliance with them as payment for aid in becoming king. After some bickering between the two Queens, they agree, and a Mountanise-Human-Paramour-Orcansheen-Harpy alliance enter the underground kingdom via Naril in the final months of the year.

65     -   Kell finally takes the throne of M’Laen – and lives up to his promise. Save for the Dragon Lords in the far north, and the Eachy in the seas, the Western world is at peace with each other – though War in the East always seems to be constant.

93     -    Ogrash start to come down from the North, and begin causing utter chaos in all the regions in the West.

134   -    Grio Thore, Mall Fiore, and Non Gredere, being the highest ranking of the Eldar’s Council of Nine, pass a rule that the Eldar army be strictly female – with the males (including themselves) reaping the benefits while they take all the risks.

138   -   Filla Gredere, after proving her worth with a string of victories against the Naga and Harpies, is chosen to lead a campaign to take Ther’Laen from the Mountanise, who have been settled there too long in the Council’s eyes.

142   -   Monmon the Fire-Breather, king of the Mountanise of Ther’Laen (a separate kingdom from M’Laen) leads the defence against Filla Gredere. His skill in battle seems to be too much for the Eldar swordswoman, but the aid of the Trovsken again wins the day for the Eldar forces – and Monmon is forced back to Qon Peak

153   -   Monmon kills 100 Trovsken personally in the battle of Malst

159   -   Filla Gredere finally kills king Monmon, but her army is exhausted and cannot hold Qon Peak from the Mountanise pouring forth from Malst.

170   -  The Harpy Queen is challenged by the creature known as Assa Racluquiur – a drider (the head, arms, torso, and waist of a woman but the body of a spider) accompanied by the Enlightened warrior Kendrala. After devouring the former Harpy Queen before the eyes of her subjects – Assa takes the crown and forces the Harpy race to submit to her rule. 

         -   The Harpies immediately cease trade with the Humans and their allies, and move to attack the Mountanise at Ther’Laen. Under the command of their demented queen, they destroy all the Mountanise cities along the east coastline. 

177   -   Ther’Laen falls, as the last of the great Mountanise families flee across the seas back to M’Laen. 

179   -   Assa Racluquiur and Kendrala, at the head of a Harpy horde, head toward Mastiff – intent on bringing the Eldar and Naga populations to their knees.

         -   The Hero-Wizard Desmond of Souls reappears – and engages in a fight against Kendrala and Assa. He is defeated, but manages to cripple the Harpy supply lines by burning their camps. Desmond flees, but the Harpy horde is forced back to the East to recover. Assa is forced to go with them to keep her control, while Kendrala hangs around the Mastiff region and attempts to raise her own force.

         -   Desmond manages to get the Eldar, the Naga, and the Humans to put aside their differences for now and unite against the Harpy’s Queen. They all march on Mastiff, to find Kendrala and her monsters ready to aid Assa and her Harpies.

180    -   Battle of Mastiff. Desmond and his allies clash against Kendrala once again, who is intent on punishing the world’s inhabitants. Even with the powerful Wizard by their side, the allies are forced back to N’Forore, where the fighting continues in the trees. The battle continues even though the allies are in full retreat – allowing Kendrala and Assa to take control of the southern forest – using their black magic to corrupt the trees and woods.

189    -    Humans gift the narrow pass leading to N’Forore to the Mountanise, who erect the great city Nalingad to defend the area from Assa’s advancing hordes. The Eldar also retreat from the region, moving northward to Thrallenfall and westward to Q'Restwood.

          -    Just as Kendrala is preparing to assault the world of the mortals – a lone warrior called Serra Morgann appeared. She defeats the all-powerful Enlightened with one punch, and with another wipes out Kendrala’s entire horde of monsters. Not interested in Assa, Serra imprisons Kendrala on Soul Island – and disappears into history. With her power broken, Assa is in a vulnerable spot, and retreats quickly back to Thoronore.

195    -    The Eldar manage to secure control of both N’Forore and Mastiff.

200    -    With the Ther’Laen King in M’Laen, he tries to take the throne – leading to yet another civil war between the Mountanise.

          -    With the civil war in full swing, the Mountanise city of Nalingad - at the centre of the world - is forced to be abandoned as all troops return to the Mountain Region to battle for their prospective side. Humans decide to take the city for their own.

210    -   The War of Nalingad City takes place.

          -  The Eldar attack the Mountanise city Nalingad, using the lumbering Trovsken as siege weapons. Humans led by Yousef Brewlor are almost overrun, but are aided by the vast army of the Orcansheen.

214    -   Mountanise return to Nalingad in force, and a lengthy siege takes place against the occupying Human/Orcansheen forces. Mountanise victory is gained at the end and Yousef Brewlor is captured.

216    -    Orcansheen assassin troops infiltrate Nalingad City and free Yousef Brewlor, escorting him to freedom.

220    -    Yousef gathers a massive army under a Human/Orcansheen/Paramour Alliance, and storms back to Nalingad. The Mountanise fight bravely but can only hold for a few nights. As a reward for saving him, Yousef awards Nalingad City to the Orcansheen, and the Mountanise prisoners to the Paramour. The Orcansheen – not having their own city of “brick and stone” before, cherish Nalingad.

245    -    The first “Champion of Nalingad” tournament is held, a contest of skill and ability between the friendly races of Humans, Orcansheen, Paramour, and even allowing Naginis to compete.

300    -    Human and Orcansheen settlers return to Barzen, and begin to build villages there. 

308    -    Barzen Humans claim independence from the Mainland, as it is hard to impose the King's will so far away.

323    -    The Algen Isles are fought over between the Harpy and the Naginis races. The Harpies ask for aid from the Humans, but it is too far for them to get enough troops in time, and the Orcansheen, but the Orcs simply do not like the Harpy race enough.

381    -     Eldar Forces retake Nalingad from the Orcansheen, who had grown too complacent with their castle.

400    -    Maria Brewlor kills the 3 Ogrash terrorising the settlers of Hugh's Pass in Eas'Land.

412    -    Battle of the Harpy Nest. The Harpies and Paramour clash after the Harpies begin to steal Male Paramour (Incubi). Maria Brewlor aides in the attack on the Harpy Nest at Denlore, and even gains the aid of the Naginis – due to the hatred they share for the Harpies. The Harpy forces manage to hold out due to their aerial abilities and leadership under their corrupted queen Assa Racluquiur, but a stalemate is eventually gained by the Human/Paramour/Naga forces, the siege continuing for months on end.

413     -   Assa's forces finally drive off the besieging force, but the alliance simply sets it sights on capturing the nearby towns that had much lighter defences. 

427    -    After a drunken night with the Paramour King, Juo Monsune, Maria Brewlor disappears and is never heard of again.

430    -    Jason Brewlor, brother of Maria, is outraged at his sister’s disappearance and shuts down the trade routes with the Paramour. Without the life-blood provided by the Humans, the Paramour rise up against Juo Monsune and execute him as a traitor, sending the head to Jason as an attempt of an apology. The Humans do not respond.

434    -   Jason Brewlor meets with Bitifu, the current Queen of the Naginis, offering the trade they were sending toward the Paramour and securing a new Alliance between the two races.

435    -    After a year of arguing over the heir to the Paramour throne, the race decides to never again allow a king or queen to rule them.

476    -   Battle of N’Final. The First purely Naginis/Human force is assembled to take on the might of the Eldar forces. Mel Brewlor, son of Jason Brewlor, and Queen Bitifu lead their alliance to troops to Victory.

          -    After Mel seemingly returned Home, the Eldar attacked N’Final again in hopes of overrunning Bitifu’s forces, but fell for the trap as Mel Brewlor turned around and caught the Eldar forces between his troops and Bitifu’s.  

487    -    Chicharoi scouts are spotted by a Mountanise General, though they flee back to Maustard almost instantly.

510    -    The Eachy suddenly decide to invade Blue Sea Bay with another large Eachy Force, causing the unprepared Mountanise troops to ask for the aid of the nearby Orcansheen Queen, Tall Rose.

515    -    Tall Rose of the Orcansheen marries Marrok Brumbahill – the current King of M’laen, in attempt to secure Mountanise/Orcansheen relations.

517    -    Yet another Mountanise Civil war breaks out, this time apparently over the King’s marriage, but is clearly just another family trying to gain power. Marrok is killed during the fighting, leaving Tall Rose a prisoner under the Mountain. This gets the attentions of the Orcansheen horde in the Razor Hils, but the Mountanise are quick to release her, to avoid another force attacking while they were busy fighting each other.

536    -   Mountanise nobleman Kazim P’arm employs powerful Paramour and Orcansheen mercenaries to tilt the civil war in his favour. His countrymen aren’t pleased by this move, but Kazim wins the throne and simply executes anyone who speaks out against his new bodyguards.

577    -    Battle of N’alah Gorge. Human and Orcansheen forces ally once again against the Eldar forces in Q'restwood. The battle ends with and Eldar victory, at the cost of the utter destruction of the city.

621    -    Eldar forces are finally driven out of Nalingad by Halore Brewlor's army, cutting off the steady flow of troops from N’Forore.

625    -    Halore Brerwlor last orders are to reinforce Nalingad to withstand any attack, as the old king is on his deathbed. The completed fortress-city is renamed New Nalingad, however Halore dies before seeing the completion.

679    -    While New Nalingad is sieged by both Eldar and Mountanise forces, the Human-Orcansheen alliance take control of the Algen Isles, attempting to secure the far north – which has long been abandoned.

700    -   A team led by Gregor the Iron Blacksmith, heir to the throne of Ther’Laen, heads back to his home with a massive force of twenty thousand men and women – to invade and settle their ancestral home. They are successful, driving out the meagre resistance from Assa’s Harpies.

716     -   The Mountanise reclaim and settle the north of Ther’Laen, though Malst still remains out of their reach.

717     -   Gregor makes a deal with the Harpy’s queen Assa Racluquiur, allowing the two races to live as neighbours – supplying and aiding each other.

722     -   Campaigns against New Nalingad ultimately fail, as the Eldar cannot break through the newer defences – and so decide to completely bypass the castle, crossing the sea to Dud’Laen, attempting to settle the area. The first city they build (on the backs of the Trovsken) is Istlafall.  

786     -   Humans and Orcansheen arriving in the west of Algen (greeted by Naga troops) are set upon by a tired, yet functional Eldar force, who are attempting to block this Alliance from entering N’Forore.

788     -  The Eldar force manage to push the alliance back to Peri So, but are unable to siege the castle due to lack of equipment and woman-power.

802     -   Tribes under the Orcansheen King Vile the Giant Fellow start to spread all over Southern M’Laen.

850     -  Lowest Uprising. A local rebellion in Hui starts, and as Queen Georgia Brewlor tries to put a stop to it she is captured and killed – with rebels taking over the entire island. To add to this, they have gained support from the Eldar.

852     -  Norman Brewlor – despite being only a child – is the oldest Brewlor still alive, and thus made king. Unable to really quell the threat himself, the Paramour seize the chance to renew their old friendship with the humans, sending the three heroes Matthias Hillito, Saiato Morn, and Kevia Neverto to take the island back in the name of the young human king. The people are impressed by the colourful trio – and in no time Lowest is under the control of the Brewlors once again. The King’s court greatly accepts their renewed offer of friendship.

879      -   The trade routes to Paramour City are finally reopened, with the Wren-Ravens and the Cross Boar warrior clans tasked with patrolling the area. 

884      -    The new Dragon Lord Nesting Grounds was settled in the north of Falcon’s Reach. When the children are strong enough to fly, they take to skies to join the rest of the Dragon Lord community at Jilthorn Ilse.

903      -    A group of explorers discover the ancient ruins of Past-Foot Hill – however before they can uncover it’s secrets, nothing else is heard from them – until all eight turn up Danford some months later, having no knowledge of how they arrived nor what happened to them, the only clue being an old book whose pages remain blank – though the explorer holding it never lets it out of his sight nor allows anyone to examine it.

950      -   Desmond of Souls finds Kendrala’s cell open; it seems that she is at large again. Desmond and two other Enlightened begin to search the world for signs of their former friend.

977      -   The Enlightened turn to Assa Racluquiur, but find it is a trap – as one of Desmond’s team betrays him. Desmond and Enlightened Enforcer Phillip face off against Kendrala, Assa, and Enlightened Scholar Hector.

            -    Victorious, Kendrala makes Desmond her prisoner, and sets her sights on conquering the world once again. This time, Kendrala moves to Falcon’s Reach – the lack of settlements means her army of monsters is able to build up in no time – mainly because Assa, tired of war, has decided to only support Kendrala and not actively be by her side.


Third Millennium under Overseer Julina

1        -  At the turn of the century, with an army of over a million, trained and battle-hungry monsters – this time with armours and weapons – Kendrala finally sets her plan in motion. Her monsters spread out almost like a wave, descending on the lands – with no army assembled to resist. 

          -   Battle of Enorland. Also known as the Battle of Light and Fire, Kendrala leads the way to Enor, planning on using it as the new capital of the world. However, the warrior Serra Morgann appears again – and fights against Kendrala’s horde singlehandedly. This time, there are too many for a single punch victory, but Kendrala is forced to watch in horror as her fighters fail to land a single blow on the woman. It is said that the lights of the Soul Energy at play can be seen as far as Crow’s Landing. Kendrala – probably pretty well aware at what the outcome would be – flees. Having destroyed about ninety-nine-per-cent of the army, Serra is content to leave.

          -   The other Races of Zenith Earth collectively decide not to enter Falcon’s Reach and Ni’Coast anymore (Save for Paramour city), giving them the unofficial name of the Lost Northlands.

16      -   The Mountanise begin a campaign against the Eldar – trying to take over Q’Restwood.

28      -    Peri So – the castle at the “top of the world” – sees a new resident in the form of Kendrala, obviously disguised.

36      -    Battle of Q’Restwood. Mountanise forces engage the Eldar in the Q’Restwood – though the Eldar’s hit-and-run tactics make life difficult for them. While the Mountanise manage to get halfway through Q’Restwood, their supply lines are constantly in danger and their morale is at rock bottom.

55      -   Attacks from the Orcansheen in the south further divide the Mountanise forces – leaving their forces in Q’Restwood without supplies or relief. They manage to hold out for three more months before they are overrun by Eldar forces.

72      -   With the Mountanise Weakness continuing – the ruling families engaged in another Civil war, The Harpies spread to Nalingad (western) and Narlingoft.     

73      -   In a surprise move, The Naga also appear in the M’Laen, having crossed the sea in boats – which is not something people expected of them. They land in Arlingoft in the summer.

76      -   The Naga manage to find their way into the underground cities of the Mountanise – fierce fighting breaks out in the underground halls.

78      -   M’Laen falls into a state of panic – the Naga and the Mountanise fight underground, while the Harpies engage the Orcansheen on the ground.

129    -  After decades of open war, the Mountanise manage to collapse tunnels to cut off the western underground from the eastern – meaning the Naga cannot spread into the Mountanise main bases under the Mountains.

130    -  Mountanise General Malhad Bearkiller, from Ther’Laen receives word from a Mountanise runner from M’Laen, as no word had been heard from their cousins had been heard for some time. Outraged, he turns to the king Fored Fore and they set about marshalling an army.

144    -  Malhad Bearkiller arrives on the western coast of Maustard. Instead of attacking the Orcansheen, he makes a deal with King Ogbog to give him the aid of the Mountanise against their Harpy foes, in exchange for the Orcansheen helping him to get to the Mountains.

156     -  Battle of Everseen Hill. Ogbog and Malhad Bearkiller engage the Naga at Everseen Hill. While the Naginis force has a fortified position, Malhad’s siege weaponry from Ther’Laen – combined with the aid of the Tari warrior clan from Revent (whose services Malhad had purchased in the weeks before the battle) lead to a victory. The only Naginis base in M’Laen is the underground city under Arlingoft – though Malhad leaves that obstacle be.

160     -  The Harpies leave M’Laen.

178     -  The Mountanise stabilises their power in M’Laen once more – though the Naginis keep a presence in the West, ALL of Southern M’Laen is gifted to the Orcansheen, and three quarters of all the riches in M’Laen is taken by Melhad and the Ther’Laen Mountanise, who return home.

195     -  The Forore Plague strikes, devastating the Eldar race.  

210     -  Trovsken finally break free from slavery under the Eldar, lead by Vall Heft-Hand and settle in the North-East of N'Forore.

250     -  The Trovsken enter the Human-Orcansheen Alliance against the Eldar.

           -  The Eldar are pushed to the breaking point, caught in-between the Human/Orcansheen/Trovsken force to the west and south, and the Mountanise to the East. They take refuge in the Q’Restwood, using hit and run attacks on their enemies.

315     -  Greatwall is built by the Orcansheen. 

350     -  Tornen Haradere is born (16th January).

364     -  1st Battle of Greatwall. The Eldar army manage to recover enough numbers to form a full army, at the helm the young Tornen Haradere due to her family’s past heroes. She faces Throll Dragonbane of the Orcansheen tribesmen, in the outlying woodland near Greatwall. While outnumbered, Tornen manages to drive her people to a victory. However, immediately after, she faces Nail The White One and Biggor Storm, as more Orcansheen tribes come to assist.

           -  Tornen Haradere secures victory at Greatwall, overcoming tremendous odds.

369     -   The Council of Nine take up permanent refuge at Greatwall. Tornen Haradere is sent off to reclaim N’Forore at the head of a larger Eldar Army.

373     -   N’Forore War. Phea Brewlor meets Tornen Haradere in battle. Victory for the Eldar.

420     -  The Orcansheen forces under King Pleft Fleet-foot descend on N’Forore to aid the remaining Humans there in the defence against Tornen Haradere’s army.

422     -  First clash of Pleft Fleet-foot and Tornen Haradere.

423     -  Haradere’s women ignore the heavily defended Nalingad, and take Hannad by surprise. The Naginis’ Queen has no choice but to flee the city to the north.

425     -   Pleft Fleet-foot is finally killed in battle. The N’Forore war ends with the Eldar having the majority control over the region.

470     -   Council of Nine order Eldar General Tornen Haradere to move into Thoronore and take control from the local Harpy population. 

540     -  Howjen-Oh the Dragon Lord is born (January 16th).

542     -   Burune of Eas’Lan creates the Great Herd of Trovsken, the first of its kind, and consisting of over 500 mighty Trovsken warriors.

           - The Eldar are pushed from N'Forore without the leadership of Tornen. She is forced to leave Thoronore in turmoil to trudge back to the north.

607     -  5 Members of the Vipersnake Clan defend Fort Inan from an invading Naginis force of 400. 

666     -  Orion, seventh daughter of Overseer Julina, is born (9th October).

690    -  Celine, of the Dragon Lords, is born (12th Ocotber).

744    -  Howjen-Oh takes Celine as his mate.

780    -  Mountanise king Threnduo unites the warring Mountin Folk under his banner at Alento.

825    -  Calhad P'arm  is born (22nd June).

828    -  Thered P'arm is born (1st December).

844    -  Mallard Brewlor is crowned king of Humanity at Norost City.

850    -  Orion is given a place watching over Zenith Earth by her mother, as Scholar Phillip has been exiled, and is taken under Desmond of Souls' wing.

904    -  Anthony Brewlor  is born (13th January).

907    -  Arron Morass is born (3rd July). 

919    -  The King and Queen of Humanity are killed in a shipwreck, thrusting the young Anthony Brewlor into power.

925    -  Destiny the Demonkind  is born (15th May).

942    -  Kathryn Brewlor is born (11th May).

945    -  Demon Lord Oden the First-Born is first seen on Zenith Earth.

          -  The Battle of Naril. Anthony Brewlor's men and a small Mountanise force face off against Oden and his Soulless minions. Oden falls back to secure a better position for himself, but Anthoyn Brewlor refuses to follow, instead leaving the field.

947    -  Anna Brewlor  is born (5th August).

948    -  Calhad P'arm is named kind after Threnduo dies, though it is mainly due to the families' wealth.

949    -  Marcus of the Vipersnake Clan is born (9th June).

          -  Arron Morass leads and attack against Tornen Haradere in the Q’Restwood, though the two never meet face to face. 

          -  Anthony "Scorpio" Brewlor II  is born (24th October).

951    -  Victoria "Tari" Alranna is born (30th July).

          -  Kendrala reappears to challenge Oden, but loses due to Oden's sinister bodyguard Gorum,  after the two gang up on her.

          -  Eldar forces engage the Demon Race.

953    -  Sabre is trained by his aunt Demon Lady Myra

955    -  Utterly spent, the Eldar forces are forced to retreat Northward. Demons forces begin to spread out across the land.

956    -  Under Oden, Demon attacks on the outlying settlements around the Borders of Sothword increase tenfold.

960    -  Kathryn Brewlor is secretly sent out against the Demons with an elite Human warrior force.

963    -  Sabre attacks the Dragon Nesting Grounds

965    -  Marcus of the Vipersnake Clan descends into the world for the Vipersnake Clan Trials.

          -  Q'Restwood suddenly starts to rot and die. This is due to Sabre’s attack on a large Eldar city in the area.

          -  Scorpio Brewlor weds Victoria “Tari” Alranna.

967   Start of the Comic.

            Oden Arc

          -  Fight against Destiny. Marcus of the Vipersnake Clan and Captain Arron Morass fight Destiny in the Q'Restwood.

          -  Council at Enor. Anthony Brewlor and several other leaders of the various races meet at Enor to discuss the growing Demon threat.

          - Battle of Crow's Landing

          - Marcus of the Vipersnake Clan kills Oden Thrustbawn.

           Kendrala Arc

          - Marcus is reborn as Soul Energy Being: Vipersnake.

          - Transported back to the mainland, Vipersnake encounters Destiny once more.


Fourth Millennium under Overseer Julina

492   - Rio is created.

497   - John "Harper" is born (30th August)

499   - Peter "Pikz" Ryan is born (19th January)

500  -  Sam "Sparky" Ryan is born (1st May)

        - Kyrsten is born (9th June). 

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