Our Team

Dudley “Elvis Dudley” Rudelhoff

The owner is myself, Dudley Rudelhoff – also going by my artist name of “Elvis Dudley”, a 27 year old former university student. Originally, I wanted to create my own Game Production Company, only to be put off by the sheer amount of resources and manpower needed to do so. I have always been an avid comic book reader, and I noted that on my own I could create a new way to share my ideas – this time in comic book form. But then I asked myself, why stop there? I have found that there a countless amounts of people who have great ideas and skill, but have no way to broadcast themselves to a wider audience – to get a foot in the door and earn a decent living for their talents. I have seen so many people forced into moving further afield, only to have their grand ideas fall to dust and become forgotten. Simply put, what I want to do is give people a chance to see their own ideas published and brought to life.

I know that I’m not the only one who wants to create something big, who has massive ideas and dreams, but not the resources to manage it. Great Y Comics could do that for the dreamers, teaming them up with likeminded people, and giving them a chance to broadcast to the world. After my experiences in the local colleges and student hangouts, I have seen so many talented, gifted and artistic people forced to leave the county because there is no way for them to earn a decent living off of their talents – going huge distances only to have their stories forgotten or crushed.

So what’s the aim? I see this as an opportunity to do something in Norfolk that has yet to be done. I want to be the next Stan Lee, the next standard bearer who can give the bright minds of East Anglia a chance to sample the comic book industry – to take their ideas and bring them to life in comic book form. It’s not about making a million pounds, it’s not about becoming a celebrity – all Great Y Comics is going to do is inspire people through the world of comics.

“It looks like a hobby.”

I’ve heard this countless times before, and I’ll hear it countless time in the future I’m sure. Is this a real job? Well let’s turn back the clocks to the late 70s/early 80s when Stan Lee created his flagship comics Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, and X Men – did ANYONE think that Marvel Comics would become the powerhouse it is today? What about Akira Toriyama? That name might be slightly unknown, so here’s what he did: he created Dragonball and Dragonball Z – arguably one of the most popular Anime/Manga in existence. He did the exact same thing Stan Lee did in America, in his own country of Japan. AND – they didn’t have the internet to wirelessly connect them to their clients.

I have the ideas, I have the brains, and I have the knowhow. Not only am I 100% sure I can do this, not only am I 100% invested, I believe that I can create something here – in East Anglia – a brand that can withstand the test of time. Remember when I said it’s not about becoming a celebrity? I lied. There is a chance for this to become a successful business or to become something more, something that one day in a few years young artists want to aspire to, want to join our ranks, to look up to what I have done and say they want to bring their creations to life. Why not? All I need is the go ahead, a green light, and Great Y Comics will become something that the entire East Coast is proud of.


Baby steps.