Joining Great Y Comics

If you are interested in joining Great Y Comics, complete the below form. Beforehand, please read the following CAREFULLY.

In order for Great Y Comics to grow, we aim to expand the team. Currently though, due to how small the company is, we will not be looking for amateur artists with no experience in creating comics, as we lack the finical resources to support and fund those with just an interest in creating comics. While we aim to change this in the future, for now this is how it remains. 

As such, please do not complete the below form if you do not already have experience (no matter how limited) of creating comics. Make sure that you have access to a computer or drawing equipment (tablets, pens, etc.) before applying.

 We are currently looking for those with drawing experience to become Guest Artists to create comic pages for original work on a weekly/monthly basis. Those whom have already created their own comics and wish to get them published are especially sought. If this is you, complete the below form and we will get back to you with how the overall details on how the process will work.

Completion of this form is purely for inquires, you nor GYC is entering into any binding agreement. The idea of this form is to find competent artists to help establish stronger foundations in order to support the amateur artists in the future.  Please note that Great Y Comics gets emails constantly, however we do read them all, so be patient.  If you need help with the below form, there is a guide at the bottom of the page.

Guest Artist
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  1. A full name is required, as well as your address. We do favour those based in East Anglia (mainly Norfolk), but if your work is something great we may overlook this. 
  2.  If you have an alias, artist name, or online handle that you create your work under, please provide it. Do not use hyperlinks, as these will not be clicked. 
  3.  Due to the content Great Y Comics showcases and promotes generally being unsuitable for children, you must be over 18 to apply.
  4. Use your preferred Email Address. 
  5. Please write down your own personal experience with comics. We’re not asking you to have 100 years in the professional industry; just explain how you got into drawing/creating comics, where you learnt your skills, what programs you favour, etc. You can be as detailed or general as you like, as long as you can back up claims.
  6. Forms will not be accepted if there is no PDF attachment. Rather than attach multiple JPGS, please use a PDF maker to group them into a single file. Any images you send must be of your own work.
Finally, remember that if you do get chosen, any work you end up creating with Great Y Comics will then be owned  by Great Y Comics; characters, ideas, titles, etc. When Bob Kane left DC Comics, he didn’t take Batman with him. All content created will be purchased by Great Y Comics, you won’t be doing any work for free nor donating anything, but this is also not a full-time job, and pay will work more as commissions do - payments generally being per page rather than a lump sum. More details will be given upon selection.